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About Me

Laura NHM2

I am a PhD researcher investigating the coexistence of ten species of fiddler crab in the Wakatobi Marine National Park, Indonesia. I am currently studying at the University of Portsmouth, UK, under the supervision of Dr Simon Cragg and also Dr Richard Barnes, University of Cambridge.

I have a BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Portsmouth (2010). I first visited the Wakatobi Marine National Park on a research trip for my undergraduate dissertation. I conducted research in the mangroves of Kaledupa and Darawa to determine the effects of teredinidae on cryptic fauna. Undertaking field research and having responsibility for my own project confirmed my desire to pursue an active scientific career. This lead me to accept the offer of a part-time PhD working in the Wakatobi to further the understanding of sympatry.

I am part funded by Operation Wallacea, who established the Hoga Island Marine Research Base which I visit annually to carry out fieldwork. Whilst at the research base I supervise undergraduate project students and lead all intertidal projects.



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