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An Evening Talk at the Indonesian Embassy

It has been far too long since I put an update on here. What a year it has been so far and here are a few of the things I have doneā€¦

Back in April I was invited to give a talk to the Anglo-Indonesian Society about my research and experiences in Indonesia, which was followed by a reception at the Indonesian Embassy in London. This talk was for society members, including the Indonesian Ambassador. Normally these embassy talks are given by people well-advanced in their careers, so this felt like a huge achievement for me. This was the first time I had given a talk at an embassy before, so I was pretty nervous, but very excited. During the talk, I spoke about the research I am conducting, what it is like being a PhD student both in the UK and in Indonesia and the networks I have built throughout my PhD. The aim of this was to build inter-relations between Indonesia and the UK, encourage research in Indonesia and open up networks for the University.

I had written the talk a few weeks before and had practiced it a few times, I have given many talks before, but this one felt very different, bigger somehow, possibly because the Indonesian Ambassador would be in attendance, but I think more so because this talk was not for a scientific community, but for a group of people whose various interests for the same country brought them together. The society is an independent, non-political Society and dedicated to fostering friendship and understanding between Britain and Indonesia. They assist with strengthening cultural, educational and social relations between the two countries. I am now proud to say I am also a member of this society after being invited by the president to join.


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